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This is the HOME page for the Family part of my website.

Layout is going to be a bit of a game and I don’t really know where to start. Let’s go from my Mother, back in time…

My Mother - Jean-Marie North nee Haworth, following back along the Cox lineage

I have information on the names highlighted in Blue, above and below. Please click on a name to find out more about that person. To come back, click on the ‘Family Home’ button.

My Mother - Jean-Marie North nee Haworth, following back along the Haworth lineage

Most of the pictures shown are lower resolution copies. You can download the original high-resolution pictures by clicking on them. Some are up to 20MB in size.


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Nellie May Cox Samuel Cox Charles F Cox Jean-Marie North Ethel Morris

This web-site is strictly private. It contains intimate family details and must not be released outside the members of our immediate family. I have compiled it for the interest of our family members and our children. It has taken many hundreds of hours to create and is still very much ‘Work in Progress’. Please respect this. If you know details that I don’t, or if I have incorrect data, please let me know and I will correct said.

George Cox Harry Haworth Haworth Jean-Marie North Edith Gertrude Cox John Haworth Mary A Ryall John Haworth Mary A Ryall Janet Cuff John Cuff Malcolm Cuff Alphabetical List

Click on the ‘Alphabetical List’ button at any time to return to the alphabetical list of family members and their relevant page.

Susannah Gard The Starks lineage The Vatcher lineage Charlotte Penright Thomas Gard Haworth Haworth Peter North Peter North Edward Morris Haworth Haworth

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The results of our DNA Ethnicity tests can be found:

DNA Tests

The collaboration has now started! Thanks to Michele for her input.

Thanks to Gina as well. All good stuff! Keep it coming…

Can you help with the identification any of the people pictured here:

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